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CPR Book Published in English by Springer Nature

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

We are pleased to announce that Johannes Bohnen's book on the business case for political responsibility is now available in English. It is titled "Corporate Political Responsibility - How Businesses Can Strengthen Democracy for Mutual Benefit,” and is part of the Future of Business and Finance series published by Springer Nature.

Illustrated with graphics and examples, the book shows how companies can develop the necessary stance and act in concrete LPR fields of action. In doing so, Bohnen explains how CPR differs from mere lobbying or corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Bohnen provides an overview of the public sphere and its actors and shows how they can strengthen the state, and thus themselves, through political contributions. Corporations have unique resources to do so, while acting in their interest: nonpartisan in particular, but fundamentally partisan - when it comes to defending our liberal way of life.

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