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Daniel Privitera on Companies and Resilient Democracy

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

We live in challenging times. The climate crisis, rapid advancements in technology, as well as increasing geopolitical tensions in the face of Russia’s war in Ukraine exacerbate divides and reshape our lives. Meanwhile, millions of people worldwide struggle with the consequences of an uneven distribution of wealth and opportunity. In this context, the need for open, honest, and constructive public discourse is more critical than ever.

Corporations, as influential stakeholders in society, have a unique opportunity and responsibility to contribute to this conversation. By leveraging their resources and platforms, businesses can help cultivate a healthy public debate culture that fosters understanding and drives progress.

One great approach companies can take, for instance, is to actively promote and participate in cross-sector dialogues. By engaging with diverse stakeholders – including civil society, academia, and government – corporations can facilitate the exchange of ideas, challenge conventional wisdom, and identify innovative solutions to pressing social and environmental issues. This collaborative process not only enriches the public discourse but also enables companies to build their societal brand, demonstrate their commitment to corporate political responsibility, and establish themselves as trustworthy players in their respective fields.

Corporations have a vital role to play in shaping the public debate culture. By actively engaging in dialogue, promoting diverse perspectives, and committing resources to drive constructive conversations, businesses can contribute to building a more inclusive, thoughtful, and resilient society. Embracing this role not only aligns with the principles of corporate political responsibility, but it also enhances a company's reputation and strengthens its position as an agent of positive change.

About the author:

Following his studies at Bayreuth, Berkeley, Harvard and Oxford University, Daniel Privitera founded the organisations Kira and streitgut. Kira aims not to be a classical thinktank but a leading association of experts researching AI in various sectors. With streitgut, Privitera built an ambitious NGO aiming to improve debating culture in Germany. Leading global research teams support streitgut’s mission to help people deal better with arguments and discussions.

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