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Council for Inclusive Capitalism discusses CPR

In a video conference event hosted by the Council for Inclusive Capitalism yesterday, business leaders and the University of Michigan Erb Institute lead shared resources from the Corporate Political Responsibility Taskforce initiative and discussed how companies could begin to develop CPR best practices.

The private sector is increasingly being called upon to address pressing challenges facing society. Business leaders are stepping up with voluntary actions to advance sustainability and invest in people and the communities in which they operate. Yet, there has been a lack of guidance on how a company can develop a fully integrated approach to corporate political responsibility (CPR) to ensure their actions and public policy activity are aligned, with clear principles to ensure transparency, accountability, and desired responsible impact.

Featured speakers included Elizabeth Doty, Director of the Coporate Political Responsibility Taskforce at the University of Michigan’s Erb Institute, Maureen Kline, Vice President, Public Affairs & Sustainability at Pirelli, and Hugh Welsh, General Counsel, Secretary, and President of DSM North America.

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