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Copenhagen Business School offers the first CPR Seminar

In 2021, the Copenhagen Business School offered the first Corporate Political Responsibility (CPR) seminar worldwide. Professor Jeremy Moon from the Department of Management, Society and Communication introduced master students in the class “Corporate Political Responsibility in Theory and Practice” to the key ideas of the concept. Moon is an expert on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and dedicates his research to the intersection of business and politics. Thereby he addresses the question of how business contributes to the way we are governed. Most recently, Professor Moon published on CEO Activism, CSR and Government as well as gender politics.

The course explores the responsibilities CPR entails. Different conceptions of the theory are examined, evaluating the way they relate or differ from other concepts. Thereby, the normative aspects of practicing political responsibility are considered. Together with his students, Moore looks into particular issue areas, where questions of CPR apply (e.g. lobbying, taxation, provision of infrastructure), closely inspecting institutions organising CPR into practice (e.g. partnerships, multi-stakeholder initiatives).

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