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List of organizations with whom companies can partner to implement CPR

Want to join the debate and search for further info?


Whether it´s personal disputes or political discussions: Conflicts drain energy and are frustrating.
But they don´t have to be. Streitgut offers scientifically based tips on how to argue better. The goal is to improve debating culture in Germany.


Do you have a topic close to your heart and want to get into politics? JoinPolitics promotes political
talents who develop solutions for the big questions of our time with courage and passion. The initiative supports through capital, know-how, and an extensive network.


Strengthening liberal democracy and making it resilient is a task for all parts of society, including business. This is a major concern for many entrepreneurs and managers. The Business Council for Democracy (BC4D) offers support: Here, employees can learn more about the spread of hate speech, targeted disinformation and conspiracy narratives in free training sessions and learn how to do something about it.


Apolitical’s mission is to help build 21st-century governments that work for people and the planet. The Apolitical Academy runs public leadership programmes for talented people interested in running for political office. The programmes are focused on potential candidates from traditionally excluded backgrounds.

Stiftung Weltethos

The Global Ethic Foundation aims to create awareness of fundamental common values in all parts of society. There is a focus on intercultural and interreligious dialogue as a basis for mutual understanding. As part of this, the foundation offers events on religion and politics.

Do you have further suggestions regarding CPR cooperation partners? We highly welcome your feedback!

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